Towards Mobility as a Service

AFIREV is working with GART organisation (Group of Regulator Authorities for Transports) to connect roaming charging service to “MaaS platforms”. The future should indeed see...
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Process for quality of service

The expectations expressed by EV drivers are not only about increasing the number and charging capacity of publicly accessible networks, but also about preventing anomalies...
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Definition of terms used

Charging infrastructure means system equipment, such as electrical supply circuits, charging stations, control and management sets and such devices for data transmission, supervision, control and payment as may...
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Rules updated on 2020/11/01

I.- AFIREV assigns a 5-character identifier beginning with “FR”: – to an operational unit constituting a network of charging pools, – open to charging service...
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International relationship

EV charging service roaming must have no geographical boundary and therefore be deployed in France in a manner compatible with other countries. Therefore, AFIREV maintain...
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