Conditions for ID prefix attribution

New conditions for attribution of an identifier prefix

AFIREV has decided on new conditions applicable to the request of a prefix for identifiers starting from November the 1st 2020:

  • Payment of a sum of 200 € per online transaction (credit card) to obtain the award, giving rise to the submission of an invoice.
  • Validity period of the attribution of 3 years.
  • At the end of the 3 years following the attribution, the holder must request the extension of his attribution for 3 more years.

For all current holders of a business unit prefix obtained before 2020/11/01, the implementation of this extension request will take place gradually during the year 2021 : AFIREV will send an email to the prefix holders concerned so that they proceed to this renewal. Of course, no modification of status of an existing prefix will intervene without prior consultation with the holder.

In this respect, it is important that the information associated with an identifier is kept up to date, especially the company name and contact links.

The Board of AFIREV took this decision for the following reasons:

AFIREV is only financed by the contributions of its members, devoted to the realization of its work programs. After these first years of gratuity, it appears that the costs of management of the prefixes of identifiers can no longer be supported by these contributions.
We note that the data associated with the prefixes are often not correctly updated by their holders; moreover, some prefixes turn out not to be used, or not in conformity with the attribution rules, which does not justify their attribution.
Prefix Registration Agencies (IDROs) in other countries generally charge a similar fee for the same allocation.
These conditions are able to make more durable the responsibility of attribution and publication of prefixes by AFIREV and to ensure its quality, necessary for the good functioning of the roaming of electric vehicles charging, based on the communication of the identifiers.