Rules updated on 2020/11/01

I.- AFIREV assigns a 5-character identifier beginning with “FR”:
– to an operational unit constituting a network of charging pools,
open to charging service roaming,
operated by a single charging infrastructure operator with a single computer system.

This assignment is published on the AFIREV website with essential contact information.

See below the general terms and conditions of attribution.

II.- An Operational Unit comprising only one charging pool permanently open for roaming but not intended to enter into a network of charging station pools (e. g. a small business, a hotel, etc.), is identified with a 5-digit generic identifier beginning with “FR” assigned to the charging infrastructure operator for all operating units of this type entrusted to him by their owners.

The charging infrastructure operator who has obtained this generic EU identifier from AFIREV must insert an identification of the owner at the beginning of the character string (which can be up to 30 characters long) which he adds to create the identifiers of the charging station pool and of the charging point(s), as in the following example:

The operator has obtained from AFIREV the generic operational unit code “FREXG”. This operator supervises the charging station pools of the following owners: charging station pool with 4 charging points at Hôtel de la Gare in Le Mans and the charging station pool with 2 charging points at Pharmacy du Centre in Chateaufort.

The charging infrastructure operator creates identifiers by using postal codes and characters which identify the owner:

For the hotel as follows, charging station pool: FREXG*P72100HOTELGARE ; charging points: FREXG*E72100HOTELGARE*01, FREXG*E72100HOTELGARE*02, FREXG*E72100HOTELGARE*03, FREXG*E72100HOTELGARE*04

For the pharmacy as follows, charging station pool: FREXG*P78117PHCENTRE ; charging points: FREXG*E78117PHCENTRE*01, FREXG*E78117PHCENTRE*02

N.B.: If the owner later wishes to change the operator, his charging station pool and charging points IDs must be changed.

III. AFIREV does not assign a 5-digit identifier beginning with “FR” to an Operating Unit that is not open for charging service roaming.

When needed for other reason, the owner (or his operator) can create a free-format identifier at his own initiative without using the prefix FR or any other country code.

Note: AFIREV reserves the right to delete an operational unit identifier assigned to an operating unit that should not be open for roaming.

IV. A same entity, being both owner of a network of charging pools and producer of mobility services, may request the same identifier for both operating units.

The online request will accept the same identifier if the company name is formulated identically for both units, recharge and mobility. The same applies to the company name of any subcontracting operator; the applicant must have a single operator operating both units: this is necessary so that the identifier of a charging point or of a mobility contract including this same prefix allows to connect with this operator.

V. General terms and conditions of attribution.

The identifier prefix for a business unit fulfilling the conditions previously exposed is allocated upon payment of the fees notified in the request process, and for a period of 3 years, duration at the end of which this allocation will be renewed on request of the user: AFIREV will send before the expiry date a notice to the recipients listed in the information associated with this prefix, in order to ask them to proceed to its renewal. In the absence of request for renewal despite the notice and several reminders made by AFIREV, the prefix will be deleted.

One identifier only may be attributed to an operational unit. Whenever the operator changes, the operational unit keeps the same identifier which is transferred to the new operator.

AFIREV, as ID issuing authority, may refuse to deliver an identifier for a given operational unit if the request of the operator does not fulfil the rules.

Whenever the information provided when initially requesting the identifier becomes obsolete, the operator must as soon as possible update the on-line form.

In the event of the decommissioning of an operational unit, its operator must proceed to the deletion of the identifier online form. In the event of the cessation or transfer of part of the activity of an operational unit, the concerned operator must communicate to AFIREV all necessary information to maintain the initial identifier or attribute a new identifier through the online forms.

In the event of a change of operator of an operating unit, the previous operator is required to notify the change to AFIREV: The new operator updates the online form for this identifier.

If AFIREV is informed by other means that the information provided initially for an identifier is no longer valid, in particular in relation to the situations described in the preceding paragraphs, it will interrogate the operator concerned for checking and updating this data.

AFIREV delivers identifiers on the basis of information provided by their applicant. Therefore, AFIREV cannot be held responsible for any error or anomaly in the delivered identifiers, or in the information associated with them and published by AFIREV. AFIREV can neither be held responsible for the consequences of errors or anomalies on the use of identifiers and of the associated information published. It is up to the users to check their conformity, unicity and accuracy.

Notice concerning the protection of personal data:

The information collected on the ID request form is recorded in a computer file by AFIREV, exclusively for its management of IDs.

They are kept until further notice by the issuer of the online form amending or invalidating this data. They are for the exclusive use of AFIREV ID management service.

Only the information mentioned as such in the online form is published on the AFIREV website.

In accordance with the law “informatique et libertés” (GDPR), you can exercise your right of access to your personal data and have them rectified by amending the online form or contacting: