Billing per kWh

Necessary conditions for billing per kWh

The management of electric vehicle charging metering data, from their generation, their display, their use for billing to their archiving, are important elements to ensure the sincerity of users’ bills and thus their confidence in the use of charging.

Numerous regulatory texts exist on this subject, peculiarly the European MID directive or the texts defining the rules of trade. However, most of these texts were written in contexts very different from that of electric vehicle charging.

For several years now, there have been many initiatives in Europe to complete and clarify these regulations. The WELMEC organization (legal metrology) is working on instrument control methods, particularly for DC, a ministerial decision of March 2022 specifies the rules applicable to DC charging in France (in general, fast charging), Germany has legislated in this area with the EichRecht law, and European standardization has begun normative work on the management of metering data…

Faced with such an abundance of information and given the associated economic, industrial and regulatory issues, AFIREV and AVERE have mandated a working group with GIMELEC to study the subject in order to make recommendations to the authorities and electromobility players.

The mandate given to the group was to analyze the current situation (applicable requirements and their implementation), to formulate the principles and outline the solutions that should guide this management of metering data and to make recommendations on the approach to be followed both for French regulations and in terms of solutions to be promoted, for the short and medium term, with a clear objective of European convergence.

For the short term, the group focused particularly on normal AC recharging, since DC recharging was the subject of a Ministerial Decision in March 2022 that defines the rules and that the group was not mandated to question. However, the WG identified a strong need to clarify the precise obligations that this Decision creates for each actor as well as how compliance checks will be verified.

The WG met from March to September 2022. This document is a summary of its work and recommendations.

These recommendations are either short term (as soon as possible depending on operational constraints) or medium term, within the timeframe of the standards being prepared. They apply to any public charging point.

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