Plateformes MaaS

Towards Mobility as a Service

AFIREV is working with GART organisation (Group of Regulator Authorities for Transports) to connect roaming charging service to “MaaS platforms”.

The future should indeed see a change in car travel, especially in densely populated areas, with a reduction in the share of private cars in favour of solutions combining the various possible modes of travel: public transport, self-service vehicles (single, two-wheeled, four-wheeled, etc.), car-sharing, etc.

The organisation of electric recharging of roaming vehicles, which is the subject of AFIREV’s work, must therefore also address vehicle users who use the services of MaaS platforms, the purpose of which is to facilitate and develop multi-modal travel solutions in the territories. For example, a vehicle driver aiming to access a city can be guided to a car park equipped with charging stations so that he can park his vehicle there and enter the city by other means.

The AFIREV working group has therefore developed an initial set of use cases (in french) to guide the design of MaaS platforms in this direction.