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International relationship

EV charging service roaming must have no geographical boundary and therefore be deployed in France in a manner compatible with other countries.

Therefore, AFIREV maintain international relations in order to elaborate international standards in relation with charging service roaming, and to ensure that the solutions adopted in France are compatible with them.

The bodies of interest from this point of view are:

  • Standardisation bodies ISO and IEC, with special concern for ISO-15118 standard, under development, which defines the modalities of communication between an EV and a charging spot.
  • The European association « eMI3 » which works out reference texts in order to accelerate the deployment of charging service roaming, pending their transformation into standards by the specialized bodies. AFIREV is full member of eMI3 and actively participates in its works.
  • Working group « STF-SGEMS » settled by EC – DG MOVE in 2015 to draw up additional recommendations for the implementation of DIRECTIVE 2014/94 / EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the deployment of an infrastructure for alternative fuels infrastructure. This working group deals specifically with the development of e-mobility services and is expected to issue its recommendations by the end of 2016.
  • Agencies from other countries that allocate identifiers to operators under the same conditions as AFIREV in France. To date, three countries have set up such an organization: Austria with Austrian Mobile Power, Germany with BDEW, and The Nederland with association e-Violin. AFIREV and these agencies form an alliance with common agreements to share rules and publication of identifiers.

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