Data on charging infrastructure

Standard for additional data on charging spots

Users notice that data is sometimes incomplete, erroneous or inaccurate, which does not allow for a satisfactory end-to-end charging service. In this respect, the data related to charging infrastructures accessible to public require particular attention.

The complexity is indeed great:

  • On the one hand, these data pass from operator to operator and differences in interpretation can quickly appear.
  • On the other hand, the standard currently used by most operators (i.e. OCPI 2.1.1) does not allow this problem to be dealt with properly.

Finally, a data scheme has been adopted by the government (6° of Article L. 1115-1 of the Transport Code and Article 13 of Decree No. 2017-26) which reveals deviations from the technical standards while not always bringing substantial improvements to user information. It is therefore necessary to :

  • Converge towards common definitions, accurately describing the multiplicity of cases that are observed on French territory. These definitions must then be technically translated into the communication standards used
  • Enable mobility operators to effectively display this information to their customers.

An AFIREV working group has therefore drawn up a reference note to ensure the consistency of the static data models of private stations, with reference to technical standards and regulations.

This note will allow a better harmonization of the French eco-system, in particular with mobility operators and Route Planners who are in direct contact with users, as well as with the Data.Gouv organization which implements the regulatory obligations.

It aims to establish a French consensus on this important issue for users. This vision should also be promoted in Europe and reflected in technical standards (OCPI).

-> Download the reference note