Recommendation for quality

All current and future electric vehicle drivers must be assured of the availability and reliability of publicly accessible charging services, wherever they go, at transparent and fair rates. In addition, finding a charging point and being allowed to connect a vehicle must be easy and without complicated handling. This is particularly important to convince many fossil fuel car users that they can switch to electric power.

All these expectations can be met by the appropriate design and organisation of operators’ services and by adequate levels of quality. In fact, current feedback shows anomalies that, although marginal, undermine confidence in the electric vehicle. It also reveals differences in the design and operation of the infrastructures of the various developers that disrupt the fluidity of drivers’ movements.

On the basis of feedback and a broad reflection of as many stakeholders as possible, AFIREV has drawn up a quality booklet of recommendations addressed to all.

=> Read and download the Quality Booklet (in french)