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Colloquium “Eco-mobility at the heart of territories”

At a colloquium “Eco-mobility at the heart of territories” organized by FNCCR, the French federation of local authorities specialized in public service networks, on the 9th of November 2016, the President of AFIREV, Gilles Bernard, exposed three essential Issues of Interoperability for roaming of charging services

  • The multiplication of EV users in large numbers, moving them from the current militant precursors to the mass of drivers, which must be promoted and mastered at the same time. Promoted by freeing the drivers of the concern of recharging their vehicle, thanks to services that accompany them in their travels. Mastered by reinforcing the robustness of the services operated in proportion to this massive development of uses.
  • The opening of roaming functions to an open market for electric mobility services, not reserved for specific agreements between operators, and at minimum cost. The current situation of mobile telephony at European level should be avoided by an optimal organization conceived from the very beginning of the development of this new market, namely electro-mobility.
  • The security of interoperated services for roaming, in order to ensure the high level of reliability needed by users and the security of transactions: fraud prevention, personal data security, cyber security.

AFIREV is the place of cooperation between the actors of electric mobility to make a success of these stakes. The association works on solutions in relation with them :

  • Identification of interacting objects for roaming,
  • Choice of contract support technologies,
  • Standardization of general clauses for agreements between operators,
  • Exchange of data,
  • Required service level agreements,
  • Customer interaction, including cases of anomaly or breakdown.